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Bridging the heritage of authentic cheesemaking with a commitment to innovation and continuous improvement is an everyday occurrence in our manufacturing and distribution facilities. Our world•class cheeses and value-added whey products are made in the heart of America’s dairy land, Wisconsin. Our facilities are located throughout central and southeastern Wisconsin, offering our Associates every residential situation possible, from small rural communities to thriving urban environments. Click on the following locations to get more details on our facilities and the opportunities available at each.


Brownsville Back to top
Cheese Manufacturing and Whey Processing Facility
Dairy Road and Highway 49
Brownsville, WI 53006

The flagship of Grande’s world•class cheesemaking facilities is located, fittingly enough, on Dairy Road. Our largest plant, the Brownsville site manufactures Mozzarella and FIOR•di•LATTE Fresh Mozzarella. The whey products processed here are distributed throughout the world.


Fond du Lac  Back to top
Home Office and Research Center
250 Camelot Dr
Fond du Lac, WI 54935 

Rolling Meadows
246 Trowbridge
Fond du Lac, WI 54935

Grande's new Home Office and Research Center was dedicated to Associates in the summer of 2016.  The campus will facilitate growth and innovation by providing a unique and creative space for the art and science of manufacturing world-class dairy products.

The campus is home to both the direct home office functions to oversee all aspects of the company as well as research and development.  The technology group supports our product development and operations with R&D lab work, food applications, testing kitchens, and a manufacturing pilot plant. Our state certified lab performs all state and federal testing required on raw milk supplied by our producer dairies. All finished products are tested here to assure that they meet Grande’s demanding quality standards for trademark excellence.

The Rolling Meadows facility handles all aging and related preparation of our aged cheeses is done at this facility. This plant also provides value-added product packaging for cut and wrap products, and dice and shred cheeses. This newly redesigned facility is used for customer and vendor meetings.


Friendship Back to top
Whey Processing Facility
Grande Cheese Company
1007 West Lake
Friendship, WI 53934

Our Friendship facility is our state of the art whey processing plant. Located in central Wisconsin, this plant transforms whey into commercial and value-added products distributed both nationally and internationally by Grande’s Custom Ingredients Group. The facility is USDA, Grade A, and Kosher approved.


Juda Back to top
Cheese Manufacturing Facility
Grande Cheese Company
P.O. Box 136
N2607 County S
Juda, WI 53550

This facility is located in south-central Wisconsin and focuses on Mozzarella and Ricotta cheesemaking. A vital contributor to the Green County community, this “plant on a hill” continues to be an important piece of our continued growth plans.


Juda Back to top
Whey Processing Facility
Grande Cheese Company
N2689 County S
Juda, WI 53550

Adjacent to our cheese manufacturing facility, Juda Whey helps support future growth and product diversification by adding significant capacity for our existing whey products as well as many new technologies to serve our customers.


Lomira Back to top
Distribution Center 
1400 Industrial Drive
Lomira, WI 53048

The distribution center for all of our cheese and whey products, the Lomira Distribution Center ships our products to distributors and customer across the entire United States. 


Rubicon Back to top
Grande Cheese Company
P.O. Box 30
West 1234 Rome Road
Rubicon, WI 53078

Known as our specialty plant, the cheesemaking facility in Rubicon crafts Provolone, Parmesan and Romano, each requiring specific formulas, processes and care to capture the art passed down by our founder. Hand molding of Small Styles and Gigante is indeed an art, steeped in tradition and pride, and continues to be practiced at our Rubicon facility.

Wyocena Back to top
Grande Cheese Company
P.O. Box 864
181 W. Monroe Street
Wyocena, WI 53969

This Mozzarella cheesemaking facility is known as a balancing plant, as it can fluctuate production schedules based on demand. One of our key growth facilities, the Wyocena plant focuses on Mozzarella and Fresh Curd. Our northernmost cheese manufacturing plant also has an important role in balancing milk supply and production schedules.