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Grande's Mission Statement
Grande’s mission is to build, through outstanding performance of value added strategies, a world•class dairy products trademark that generates the profits and capital necessary to reinvest in the future and the continuing process of fulfilling the commitments of our Culture.

Grande's Culture
Grande’s Culture is based on pride in professional excellence, respect for rights of Associates, a commitment to strengthen the financial security of all dedicated Associates and the fulfillment of a purpose greater than ourselves.

What Our Mission and Culture Means to Associates
Our Mission and Culture Statements define Grande’s commitment to build a world•class dairy products trademark grounded in a culture of pride in professional excellence and respect for the rights of all Associates. These principles reflect Filippo’s ever present respect for co-workers and friends, while striving to strengthen the financial security of each Associate and his/her family.

As part of the global community, our focus on the fulfillment of “a purpose greater than ourselves” expresses Grande’s obligation to positively impact all areas with which we personally interact . . . our Associates and their families, our customers and suppliers, our producer dairies, the communities in which we live and work, and lastly the environment whose generous bounty allows us to craft our truly memorable products.

Without fail, our Mission and Culture define everything in which Grande believes. Our commitment to these principles is deeply rooted in all that we do and provides us with screens and filters in all decisions we make . . . yesterday, today, and into the future.