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Our Associates
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Our Associates

At Grande, each of our Associates is vital to the connection between work and success, and as such, each is given ample opportunity to make a difference.

To assist Associates in their personal and professional growth, and to help them build stronger connections with the producers, vendors and customers they work with, we have created ASE…Associates Striving for Excellence.

What is ASE?
Associates Striving for Excellence is a designation given to Associates who have completed a special training period. During this training, new Associates learn about Grande and the principles upon which the company was founded.

There are Four Key Components in ASE

Associates will learn and understand the Mission, demonstrate company loyalty and, above all else, passionately serve the customer.

A large part of being a Grande Associate is understanding the Culture and how it plays a role in our lives each day. Here, Associates learn the history and background of the company, the importance of treating all others with dignity and respect, and the pride that is found in professional excellence.

What is the role of the Associate? In ASE, the importance of understanding your job and how it supports our Mission is key. But most importantly, each Associate learns through the Mission what their customers’ daily challenges are, and what each Associate’s role is in finding solutions to those challenges.

Active engagement in the delivery of solutions, accepting and supporting change, working cooperatively, the importance of being a solid team member, and learning how to communicate effectively are all parts of the fourth component of ASE.

The concept of Associates Striving for Excellence is crucial to the success of Grande as a company and as an entity, and it is crucial to the fulfillment of Associates.