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Quality Story

There is something in the way Grande delivers on our commitment of quality that differentiates us from all others, and carves out a special niche in the marketplace. Here, there is a genuine passion in everything we touch, the way we concentrate on the smallest details and our focus on handcrafted quality and solutions. This is true of our cheese artisans who pour expertise and experience into each batch of cheese that is crafted, and our Associates providing customer specific solutions across all of our functions and business units.

Our quality story begins with the milk we harvest fresh every day. Each day Grande harvests milk from farms that have received 5 Star Certification from the Milk & Dairy Beef Quality Assurance Program™, the highest level of quality that can be achieved. Our fresh Grade A milk is cooled, tested and taken directly to our cheese artisans who handcraft our superior quality cheese.

In our desire to make the finest product, our artisans call upon every bit of knowledge gained through the years, along with our passion for trademark excellence. This unbridled commitment to quality makes our cheese truly special.

Our Sales and Marketing Associates are dedicated to your success as well. With an undeniable passion, our professionals work with pizzerias and restaurants that are committed to serving quality differentiated products, and patrons who recognize “The finest Italian cheeses money can buy!”®

We are dedicated, from farm to fork, to bringing you an exceptional experience, and providing value-added solutions that not only address your concerns, but surpass your expectations. It is this kind of dedication that makes Grande not just your valued partner, but truly unlike any other in the marketplace.