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Grande's commitment toward stewardship of the environment is deeply rooted in our Mission, our Culture, and our heritage. Our passion for crafting products that proudly display the Grande brand name began with the pure, natural ingredients found around the hillsides of Italy, and continues today in the lush and fertile countryside of Wisconsin. With the same relentless attention to detail that provides you with the exceptional tasting and performing dairy products, Grande diligently works to protect the land, water, and air in the communities in which we operate.

One of the ways our facilities do this is to conserve energy by working with local utilities on planned usage. We conduct plant audits and invest heavily in efficiency programs, including blow down heat recovery and lighting savings. Additionaly, Grande works cooperatively with our producer dairies in implementing management practices designed not only to protect but improve environmental conditions in and around their farms.

By working together, from field to fork, Grande, our producer dairies, and our suppliers are committed to maintaining and cultivating a vibrant and sustainable dairy industry wherever we conduct business.