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Grande passionately believes world•class companies are principled and continuously strive to exceed stakeholder expectations. We understand that we are on a long journey, one that will ultimately help us grow stronger as a business and in spirit. We are vital members of the community and must operate with integrity and make responsible decisions. When these expectations are met, respect and trust are earned, and the resulting relationships will prosper.

Within our company, we set our own high standards of behavior, starting with respect for the rights of Associates as stated in our Culture Statement. An initiative formed to ensure principles of Grande’s Culture is the “President’s Culture Council.” The role of this standing council, whose permanent members are the President and the Executive Staff, is to govern the ideation and execution of new strategies related to Culture development as well as improvements to existing concepts. The President, through a consultative process with other Council members, defines specific goals and accountabilities that will help ensure the long-term commitments of our Culture.

The health and safety of all Grande Associates is of paramount importance. Our safety focuses to exceed regulatory compliance directives as a solid foundation to build upon as we create and maintain safe and healthy work environments. Safety team facilitators meet from all our locations to benchmark, share best practices and improve facility planning, as well as inspection and safety training programs and processes.

With respect for product safety and regulatory compliance, our own level of acceptance far exceeds government standards in providing the trademark excellence of our products and services. Our commitment is to deliver world•class excellence in both product quality and services every day.

Our journey of ensuring Trademark Excellence is supported and embedded into the entire Grande organization by deeply rooted internal processes that protect, ensure and improve upon the quality of all areas, starting with the milk that is shipped to our facilities and continuing all the way through the process until it safely reaches our customers, in a literal “farm to fork” chain of custody.

We are proud of, and will continue to support, our Associates’ work and participation at the state and federal levels: serving on committees that address issues of Associate safety, food safety, bio security, environment protection and community involvement.

Together, all Grande Associates strive each day to represent the standards and principles upon which our company was founded. These principles are the bedrock on which our company operates, and upon which we will grow into the future.