The highest quality milk, needed to craft Grande world-class cheese and specialty whey ingredients, comes from working with the finest dairy producers in the Midwest. At Grande Producer dairies, cows are their passion, a legacy that’s been passed down through the family for generations. Our Producers are considered amongst the most sustainable dairies in the nation, all while putting a strong emphasis on:

  • Their Innovation
  • Their Employees
  • Their Community

Our Producer Partners: Passionate About Herd Health

It all starts with…the cows!

Grande Producers team up with our dynamic duo of in-house vets and a team of Producer Services Representatives to ensure top-notch cow comfort and stellar animal care on the farm! After all, happy, comfortable cows produce higher-quality milk.

Technology advancements in the industry allow producers to be able to track their animals’ health, pinpoint problems sooner, and better care for their herd. Grande Producers participate in our very own PACE Program (Producers Assuring Consumers of Excellence) as well as the nationally recognized FARM Program, aiming to assure customers and consumers that the dairy industry is producing high-quality, safe milk with integrity.

Our Producer Partners: Employee Centric

Partners with a Passion for People.

Our Producer partners share our passion for people! They offer their teams the tools and resources to be successful in their work and provide a strong employee culture. From employee-housing, ride-share programs, classes that teach both English and Spanish, and supporting the communities in which they live and work, many of our farms are finding ways to celebrate their employees and create a culture of inclusion.

While the day-to-day responsibilities of farming keep them busy, our Producers go the extra mile to be part of their local communities and share their farm stories whenever the opportunity presents itself. They join forces with neighborhood schools, enlightening students about the origins of their food. Opening the gates to their farms, they welcome the public for tours and events. They generously supply dairy products to those in need. Plus, they put their money where their hearts are by backing causes they deeply care about.

Our Producer Partners: Sustainability Focused

Environmentally Friendly, Cow Friendly.

As eco-champions and community enthusiasts, our farms hustle to stand out amongst the greenest dairies in the nation! And it’s not because they have to. It’s because they want to! Many of our Producer dairies partner with farmer-led initiatives to advance dairy’s role in building a sustainable future. As leaders in innovation, they have found ways to turn manure into renewable energy, recycle water for on-farm cleaning purposes, use fewer pesticides on their crops and are working towards greenhouse gas neutrality. From farm to fork, Grande Producers are committed to producing the highest quality milk in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible.

For more information about our Producers’ commitment to sustainability, please visit the U.S. Dairy Stewardship Commitment.

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